I have known of many people started their diary writing journey with great enthusiasm and eventually quit it too soon. It’s a shame that they just quit it so soon that they had not had a chance to really discover the true value and joy of keeping a diary.

One of our fellow members in My Dear Diary community, Julianne has offered her insights into overcoming the ”writer’s block” based on her diary keeping experience since 1965:

When you feel yourself hitting a block, or you just feel like you don’t have anything to write, yet you really want to write, there are many things you can do to try to get past the block and get back to writing!

Makes some changes… If you use a paper diary, try changing the book or the pen style. With Diary, there are so many other things to do as well! Try a different font (to find lots of neat typestyles for FREE, go to: http://betterfonts.com/ or do a web search for ”free fonts” and you’ll see tons- surely you’ll find some to play with). Another thing you can do is change the color of your text, or make it indicate your mood. For instance, Red could mean angry, Blue, sad, and so on. Besides being neat tricks to get past a ”writer’s block”, these tips can also personalize your diary and make it truly your own. Another fun way to play is with pictures! Your only limit is your imagination.

Finally, there are journaling prompts all over the internet if you search. These can help you get back on track without sounding contrived or strained.

Above all, have fun! If you are not enjoying it, you may need to take a break.

Be Well,

As a conclusion:

Writing a diary/journal is good for you. And it ought to be fun. If it is NOT fun for you, you need to make some changes. NEVER should it be seen as a chore or an obligation.

My second important point was that your diary/journal is the one place in life where YOU are the boss. Do it your way! Do not do it MY way or anyone else’s; rather, take what you want from suggestions, tips, and prompts, and then do it the way you like the best!

And thus it goes back to enjoying it!

Thanks Julianne! Beam_with_flower