Unlike a Public Web Diary which is accessible to all visitors of My Dear Diary, a Private Web Diary is only accessible by the diary owner, plus people invited by the diary owner.

To create a Private Web Diary, simply access My Web Diary Account, choose “Configure web diary” and then “Sign up personal web diary”, select the “Private – Only I can visit my web diary” option, and you are good to go Geek_happy

Private Web Diary Option

Once your Private Web Diary is set up, any one trying to access without being invited will see the following screen:

Private Diary Access Denied

If you would like to allow your family or friends to access your private diary, you may add them to your subscriber list as shown below, simply access the Add New User section in the dashboard:

Allow Other People to Access Your Private Diary

You have to make sure that they join My Dear Diary first, then add the user’s email address that you would like them to have access to your private diary. Leave their role as Subscriber, so that they can leave a comment on your diary.

Add Existing User's Email