Diary provides a very intuitive way of organizing your entries via Tags. However, if you ever find the needs to re-organize your existing entry’s tags, you may easily accomplish so with the following drag-and-drop steps (or by changing the Tag selections via editing your diary entry again).

Let’s take a look at the following diary entry “An unforgettable trip” which was originally tagged with a single “Travel” keyword. Now we want to add an additional “Family” tag to the same diary entry.

Diary Entry with a Travel Tag

Diary Entry with a Travel Tag (Screen)

First of all, make sure that the right entry/entries are selected, then hold down the CTRL key while start dragging the entries onto the desired tag, in this case the “Family” tag as shown in the left screen below:

Add New Tag to Existing Diary Entries Change to New Tag for Existing Diary Entries
Adding New Tag to Existing Entries – Drag while Pressing CTRL Key (Screen) Changing to New Tag for Existing Entries – Drag without Pressing CTRL key (Screen)

If we simply want to change the tag from “Travel” to “Family”, instead of adding one more tag to the existing diary entries to make them tagged under both “Travel” and “Family”, then we should drag the entries onto the desired tag WITHOUT holding down the CTRL key, as illustrated in the right screen above.