After some while, you may find that there are already quite some pages of sweet memories jotted down in your entries. Should you want to revisit those sweet times, you will find that Diary provides a very straight forward and intuitive Diary Browser that allows you to joyfully navigate through pages of your entries.

choose browsing mode

When you want to browse your diary entries, you may choose to browse either by Month, by Date, by Tag or even by Web Diary. In this example, we are going to browse the diary entries by Month as shown in the screen below:

Browsing diary entries in Month view

Diary entries for the month of December 2010 (Screen)

When we are at the Month view screen, we may start browsing our entries by double clicking on the first entry to start with, or by clicking at the Browse button as shown in the screen below:

The Browse button

The Browse button that launches Diary Browser (Screen)


navigating in the diary browser

A Diary Browser window will be displayed with ALL entries in the month of December 2010. If you want to browse only limited number of entries, you may refer to the last section of this page. On the left panel, there is a list of diary entries that could be browsed currently. Meanwhile, your diary entry will be displayed nicely in the right panel.

Diary Browser window

 Diary Browser window (Screen)

In order to navigate to other diary entry, you may either click at the title of the desired entry directly, or you may simply click at the navigator at the top right corner. If you need, you may also click at the Edit button to open up the Diary Editor.

Diary Entry List Diary Entry Navigator

Navigating via Entry List (Screen)

Navigating using Entry Navigator (Screen)


specify which entries to browse

Sometimes you may want to limit the number of entries that you want to browse at a time, like when you are browing via Tag view, where a specific tag may contain hundreds of entries. In this case, you may make use of the regular Windows Explorer multi select method — simply click at the diary entries that you want to browse while holding down the CTRL or SHIFT key, when you are done selecting the entries to browse, click at the Browse button and you are good to go. Beam_with_flower