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create a new diary template

Off and on, you may find yourself writing diaries with very similar content structure (such as a travel diary or etc). When it happens, sometimes it would be pretty frustrating to have to refer to the previously written diary format in order to keep them in a consistent way.

In order to overcome this trivial problem, Chrysanth Diary is built with a handy feature that allows you to create some pre-defined diary templates to streamline your diary writing process. To take advantage of the convenient diary templates, you have to create your pre-defined diary templates first. You may do so by accessing the New Template menu as illustrated below:

Create a new diary template

new template menu

Then you will be presented with a familiar diary template editor, which is similar to the editor for your diary writing purpose. Use this editor to create a skeletal framework for the genre of diary that you would be writing frequently. In the example below, the diary template is based on some travel related information:

Diary template for "My Travel Diary"

diary template for "My Travel Diary"

After this is done, save the diary template and it will be ready for use in the next section.


write diary with a diary template

To write a new diary using one of the diary templates, all you have to do is start by selecting a proper diary template via Select Template... menu.

Select a new diary template

select template menu

A dialog with a list of previously saved diary templates will be shown, from which you may make your selection and have a preview on it. Click Create Diary From Selected Template... button to recall the diary template as the base for your new diary.

Select and preview diary template

insert template dialog

Once a diary template is selected, you may start writing your new diary and will be sure that the new diary will look in much the same way as other diaries which are of the same genre. This would save you a good deal of time trying to ascertain your diary writing styles of particular topics are always in sync.

A new travel diary completed using saved diary template

a new travel diary completed using saved diary template