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Chrysanth Diary could be run from a thumb drive, which greatly increases its mobility when it comes to writing and keeping your personal diary and journal. In order to allow Diary to run from a thumb drive, you have to first install the diary software on to your thumb drive.

During the installation process, when it comes to "Select Destination Location" screen, make sure to select your thumb drive by clicking at the Browse... button of the installation window. As illustrated below, the J: drive is the thumb drive on the test system, so it should be selected.

Select Destination Location Step

select destination location step

After this screen, proceed as usual for the rest of the installation by following the instructions on the screens.


create a new diary database

When the installation is done, you will have to make sure that the diary database is stored on the thumb drive as well. If you are creating a new diary database, then make sure that you choose the thumb drive as your destination folder to store the new diary database, as illustrated below:

Determine new diary database location and name

determine new diary database location and name

After this, you may carry your thumb drive with you wherever you go and the diary will always be at your side Diary Emoticon.