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my photo section

Chrysanth Diary has an integrated photo album to help you safeguard and organize your photos. In order to manage your photos, you will have to access My Photo section, as illustrated below:

My Photo - Organize your photos together with your diary

my photo - organize your photos together with your diary
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add a new photo

To add a new photo to the photo album, simply click at the Add Photo button on the top left corner of the window.

Click the Add Photo button to add a new photo

add photo button

Then you will be prompted with a dialog to browse for the photo to be added. Simply browse to the folder where you keep your desired photo, and add it to the selected album.

A new photo added to the "Family" album

a new photo added to the "Family" album
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reorganize photos - drag and drop to a new album

From time to time, you may want to reorganize some of your photos into some new albums. To do so, simply select and click at the photos that you want to move to a new album, then hold down the left mouse button and drag the selected photos to the new target album. You will notice that there is an arrow indicating which of the target album you will be putting the photos in. When you are performing the drag and drop procedure to reorganize the photos, take note that the mouse cursor will change to indicate that some photos are being dragged when it is inside the Photo Album view (as in the highlighted rectangle below).

Drag and drop to reorganize photos

drag and drop to reorganize photos
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