What’s new:

  • [New] Added a new Shiny Silver theme.
  • [New] Added the ability to reorganize Entry and Photo tag by drag and drop.
  • [New] Added the ability to align vertically within a table cell.
  • [New] Added diary backup feature before upgrading diary database.
  • [New] Now Diary Editor allows picture attachment to be added.
  • [New] Added the ability to add and edit calendars in My Organizer.
  • [Change] Now Diary will prompt for saving before an entry is printed.
  • [Solved] Entry Printing fails to work properly.
  • [Solved] When a photo has already been inserted into an entry, it is unable to add the same photo into Album again.
  • [Solved] Under certain circumstances, when picture of a diary post fails to upload, it may cause Diary to get stuck at the process.
  • [Solved] Deleting an entry should remove relevant task from Task List.
  • [Solved] Exiting Diary when there are other windows being shown will cause an error.
  • [Solved] Unable to browse entries not visible in the entry list via Entry Browser’s navigation buttons.
  • [Solved] After editing an entry via the most Recent entry list in Diary Editor, clicking at the list again will cause an error.
  • [Solved] After saving a new entry, the filter hint in All Entries tag will disappear.
  • [Solved] Newly added photo to a tag that is currently being displayed is not visible immediately.
  • [Solved] Right clicking at the border of a table will cause an error.

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