What’s new:

  • [New] Added a Cool Black theme.
  • [New] Added batch import support for TXT, RTF and HTML files.
  • [New] Now everyone could sign up for a free Personal Web Diary via Diary.
  • [New] Added the ability to Tag photos locally or when photo is shared to web album.
  • [New] Web album will now show the relevant site’s icon for easy idenfitication.
  • [New] Now you may use arrow keys to navigate in the Search Result window.
  • [New] Added Copy function to Browse window.
  • [New] Added Browse function to entry Search window, now double clicking at entries found will default to browsing.
  • [New] Added “Private”, “Shared”, “All Entries” and “To be Synchronized” system tags to organize diary entries.
  • [New] Importing TXT, RTF or HTML file into diary editor would make use of filename or HTML title as entry title.
  • [New] Added a CTRL+F shortcut key to the Search function in the main window.
  • [Change] Local Album view has been redesigned as Tag view.
  • [Change] Clicking at Web Album account node will now show all albums for the account.
  • [Solved] Clicking at the root node of Web Album should show all web albums in the grid.
  • [Solved] When trying to share a photo not yet downloaded from web album, users should be alerted.
  • [Solved] The “Insert Photo From Web Album” window should indicate photos that are not downloaded with a shortcut icon.
  • [Solved] When entry title is cleared, users should be prompted to save entry before diary editor is closed.
  • [Solved] Sometimes an error may arise trying to resume tasks in the Task List.

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