What’s new:

  • [New] Added web diary support for sharing with other diary community members.
  • [New] Added Month view to show diary entries for each month within a year.
  • [New] Photos can now be reorganized into desired album by drag and drop.
  • [Change] Calendar’s default style for dates with entry has been changed.
  • [Change] Date Modified filter in Tag view has been changed to Date filter.
  • [Change] Spell check will always start from the beginning of diary entry.
  • [Solved] Diary Editor does not use the specified default font option.
  • [Solved] Thesaurus options could not be saved.
  • [Solved] Custom dictionary options could not be saved.
  • [Solved] Page range selection is not enabled in the Print Dialog.
  • [Solved] Some spell check options do not work properly.
  • [Solved] Once Preview content has been zoomed in, then close current Diary editor and open another Diary editor will cause an error.
  • [Solved] Entering page number into diary entry Preview does not flip to the desired page preview.
  • [Solved] When the focus is on one of the system node at main window, saving diary entry may cause error.
  • [Solved] Selecting insert photo From Web option with Enter key, the message dialog could not be dismissed with Enter key again.
  • [Solved] Pressing Enter key in Find and Replace dialog when the end of article is reached will not dismiss the message prompt.

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