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What’s new: [New] Added Web Album support for sharing photos to Flickr and Picasa. [New] Added Search function to find specific keyword from Entry, Photo or Web page easily. [New] Now Diary is able to retrieve comments from web diary automatically. [New] Added RTF, TXT and HTML Import and Export function. [Change] Emoticons are now [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added web diary support for sharing with other diary community members. [New] Added Month view to show diary entries for each month within a year. [New] Photos can now be reorganized into desired album by drag and drop. [Change] Calendar’s default style for dates with entry has been changed. [Change] Date Modified [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added diary entry printing function. [New] Added diary entry print preview. You may also follow us on our Twitter at http://twitter.com/diarysoftware for updates on Diary development. Grab your latest version here: http://deardiary.my/download/

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What’s new: [New] Optimized the speed for saving diary entry in diary editor. [New] Added Diary entry Properties. [Change] Delete a diary entry while the entry is being edited would also cause the editor to be closed. [Solved] Incorrect font type for Date View and Tag View. [Solved] Pressing Enter key in the Find and [...]

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