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What’s new: [New] Added a convenient way to browse diary entries. [New] Added live spell check. [New] Added right click menu to suggest spelling for mistyped words. [New] Added an option to allow synchronization of entry date to entry title. [New] Now you may sign up for Web Diary directly inside Diary. [Change] Now double [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added Web Album support for sharing photos to Flickr and Picasa. [New] Added Search function to find specific keyword from Entry, Photo or Web page easily. [New] Now Diary is able to retrieve comments from web diary automatically. [New] Added RTF, TXT and HTML Import and Export function. [Change] Emoticons are now [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added web diary support for sharing with other diary community members. [New] Added Month view to show diary entries for each month within a year. [New] Photos can now be reorganized into desired album by drag and drop. [Change] Calendar’s default style for dates with entry has been changed. [Change] Date Modified [...]

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Today we have created our first web diary, which is a web-based community diary for all Diary users. You are most welcomed to share your thoughts and feelings with other community members, and most importantly, we need your caring pat and blessing on our friends who may required it from time to time. Just sign in My [...]

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What’s new: [New] Added diary entry printing function. [New] Added diary entry print preview. You may also follow us on our Twitter at http://twitter.com/diarysoftware for updates on Diary development. Grab your latest version here: http://deardiary.my/download/

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What’s new: [New] Optimized the speed for saving diary entry in diary editor. [New] Added Diary entry Properties. [Change] Delete a diary entry while the entry is being edited would also cause the editor to be closed. [Solved] Incorrect font type for Date View and Tag View. [Solved] Pressing Enter key in the Find and [...]

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